Homepage of Jacob (Jaap) W.M. Baars            email: jacobbaars@arcor.de

Guest scientist at Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany

Corrections for book (2007)
“Paraboloidal Refletor Antenna
 in Radio Astronomy ...”Welcome_files/CorrBookEd1.pdf
Report “Aperture Blocking      of 18 Radio Telescopes”(2012)   Welcome_files/BlockingPaper.pdf

Next to a curriculum vitae this site provides a summary of my book “International Radio Telescope Projects” with information on content, price and buying channels.

My paper “History of Flux-Density Calibration in Radio Astronomy” appeared in Radio Science Bulletin, No. 348, March 2014, pp 47-66. It is available for download from the URSI website or the button below.

The other buttons provide access to some unpublished reports and corrections to my book of 2007.

“History of Flux-Density Calibration in Radio Astronomy” URSI Radio Sci. Bull. No348   Welcome_files/FluxCal-RSB2014.pdf